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Here you'll find all the news and information related to our "United in Faith: Building for the Future" capital campaign to expand our church building. This page will be updated as new information is available, so please check back often.

Campaign Corner Update: January -- A big milestone reached!

Thank you, parishioners and friends of our parish, who have helped us achieve a significant milestone in our Church expansion project.

Together, you have contributed $1,026,000.

  • 295 parishioners have donated $922,000
  • 24 non parishioners contributors have donated $104,000
In recognition of this amazing effort, we listed every contribution in last weekend's bulletin. This milestone merits some reflection on our continuing needs.
  • Nearly 46% of our parish families who consider themselves active have chosen not to participate, at any level, in our project.
  • Based on the current construction schedule, all invoices from the contractors are expected to arrive prior to the end of the campaign. We feel compelled to renew our many appeals to all parishioners to assist in this critical effort:
    • For parishioners who have not begun making payments, please do so.
    • If your pledge payments are behind schedule, please work to be current.
    • If possible, please accelerate your payment schedule.For those who have not made a pledge, please reconsider your initial decision and support the parish with a new pledge.
  • Remember, every dollar raised prior to the application for the Diocesan loan will save a dollar plus interest for years to come.
Finally, we are looking for a small group of parishioners (2-4) who would be willing to underwrite the $16,000.00 cost of placing the acoustical partitions between the meeting rooms in the undercroft. Current thinking is that the initial cost would be quickly offset by the cost of heating and air-conditioning the entire Church for weekday Masses, which are normally lightly attended. Having these partitions available will facilitate the creation of a small chapel in the undercroft which will be air conditioned during the summer months, and heated during the winter months, for normal, administrative operations.

Please remember that while everyone has a vested interest in our church progress, for safety reasons everyone is prohibited from entering the premises during the active construction. No exceptions! Safety is a priority and must be respected at all times.

New galleries show more progress on church expansion

This week, we've added two new photo galleries of the work being done on the church expansion:

Gallery Three shows the footprint of the new addition clearly taking shape, while Gallery Four sees the laying of the new foundation starting. The slideshows can also be seen in the parish center narthex before and after weekend Masses.

Galleries One and Two are still available as well.

A bountiful thank you

Donna Mustillo sent along these words of thanks to St. Catherine's parishioners for the success of the "Bountiful Bucks" 50/50 raffle:

Thank you, parishioners and friends, for making our Bountiful Bucks 50/50 Raffle a tremendous success, raising $16,319 toward our building campaign!

Congratulations to the lucky winners, 1st Prize: $8,159.50 (25%), 2nd Prize: $4,895.70 (15%) and 3rd Prize: $3,263.80 (10%)

We are ever so grateful for your continued generosity and support. We wish you all a very happy and blessed holiday season.

Expansion Gallery 2: Digging the new foundation

Our second Expansion Photo Gallery shows work progressing on demolition, as well as work on digging out the new foundation.

Church Expansion Gallery Two

Gallery One is still available as well.

Thanks to parishioners Rich and Emily Kopf for providing the great photos.

'Bountiful Bucks' 50/50 raffle kicks off

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are happy to introduce a new and exciting raffle called Bountiful Bucks 50/50. It is an opportunity to provide family members, friends, acquaintances and co-workers a chance to significantly supplement their Christmas shopping fund. Every ticket provides the lucky holder with one of three chances to win some Bountiful Bucks! The first prize winner will receive 25% of the total proceeds. Second and third prizes are 15% and 10% of the proceeds, respectively.

Here is how it works:

  • Each family is requested to sell 2 books of 10 tickets each at $10.00 per ticket.
  • Assigned ticket books will be labeled and available for pick up after Mass, beginning October 1st.
  • Make checks payable to St. Catherine of Siena and note in memo line Bountiful Bucks."
  • "Additional tickets will be available in the Parish Office at the Center.
  • Return your sold tickets and proceeds in the envelope provided and place in the container marked Bountiful Bucks in the Parish Center Narthex. All ticket stubs, funds and unsold tickets must be turned in no later than Sunday November 12th at 12pm.
The drawing will take place at the Parish Center on Sunday November 12, 2017 during the Knights of Columbus Pasta Dinner. Winners need not be present for the drawing and will be notified by telephone.

As always, we thank you for your support of Parish projects and your efforts to make Bountiful Bucks 50/50 a success.

Yours in Christ,

Father Chester

Campaign Corner Update: September -- Construction begins!

In case you haven't noticed, there is plenty of action going on to our "Little Church on the Hill" and much progress is being made. The foundation is already being dug to begin the next phase of construction.

Viewing our progress can be done safely on our website, which will reveal the various phases of construction as they become available. A slide show presentation will also be available in the narthex before all Masses for those who are not able to access the website. Please take a peek!

While everyone has a vested interest in our church progress, for safety reasons everyone is prohibited from entering the premises during the active construction. No exceptions! Safety is a priority and must be respected at all times.

Pledge and Financial Report
Please remember your pledge commitments as they are more important than ever since cash flow is needed during this active phase of construction. We are grateful for the Matching Gift Challenge raising $63,533. Our deepest thanks to all who participated in the match as well as those donors who funded the challenge.

If you have not yet committed to our project with a pledge, please prayerfully consider doing so. Our project is in full process and needs your help.

First Church Expansion photo gallery shows demolition work in progress

Parishioner/Parish Photographer Rob Preston provided some great photos that show the Church Expansion Project in full swing.

The demolition and clearing out of the old church building can be clearly seen, as crews ready the building for its addition.

We'll post more photos throughout the project as they are available.

Church Expansion Gallery One

Campaign Corner: Construction is underway, Matching Challenge continues

Here's the latest news from the Church Expansion Committee:

Our expansion project has officially begun. Our Parish celebrated the groundbreaking for our church expansion on June 25th. Highlights can be found in the Catholic Spirit available at the Parish Center and here.

The actual construction work will commence shortly. Your prayers and patience is needed. We will keep you informed of our progress as we begin work on our "Holy Ground."

Your pledge commitments are more important now than ever. If you have not yet pledged please prayerfully consider participating.

Matching Gift Challenge continues
Our original challenge has been met! Our deepest thanks to everyone who stepped forward to generously contribute to the Matching Gift Challenge.

Great News! The Matching Gift Challenge is still on thanks to three families. Currently, there is $4,422.00 still left in available funds to match. As always, we greatly and sincerely appreciate your generosity.

St. Catherine's celebrates groundbreaking on Church Expansion project

Our Parish Expansion Project was officially kicked off with a Groundbreaking ceremony on June 25th with a final Sunday Mass in the existing church building. covered the groundbreaking, reporting on Bishop Emeritus Paul Bootkoski's call for parishioners 'to celebrate the growth of our parish through the generations,' as he recalled the generous 1991 gift of a new church to the Catholic families in the area from a donation made by the late John W. and Catherine Raymonds."


You're Invited: Mass and Groundbreaking for St. Catherine's Church Expansion

We request the honor of your presence at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the expansion of St. Catherine of Siena Church

Sunday, June 25th
Mass at 1 p.m. followed at 2 p.m. by Groundbreaking Ceremony
2 White Bridge Rd., Pittstown, NJ

Join us for refreshments and fellowship.

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