St. Catherine's Bible Study brings faith family closer

In November and December, the hearts and minds of St. Catherine's parishioners were inspired through Jeff Cavin's The Great Adventure: A Quick Journey Through the Bible, an eight-week video program and discussion group held at the church during Advent. Facilitated by our deacons-in-training Stephen Kassebaum and Ed Ciszewski, with commentary from our pastor, Fr. Chester, participants were led through God's family plan for His people.

More than 40 participants used the color-coded bookmark and timeline tools and workbook as great memory aids in a timeline overview of the lineage of Jesus. Each of the sessions unfolded with a DVD presentation from Jeff Cavins of Ascension Press, followed by a question and answer period and discussion. Attendees expressed gratitude for this learning opportunity and many had favorable comments. "Our deacons' knowledge of the Bible was key and very insightful," said one. The program covered God's plan from Creation in Genesis through Exodus; the conquest of the land of Canaan to Exile; and finally, Christ in today's Church. The majority who attended most weekly 90-minute sessions said they enjoyed getting to know their faith and fellow parishioners better.

Almost all survey respondents hope to continue with more Bible studies at St. Catherine's. A lending program for the DVDs from the full eight-week Bible Timeline program is forthcoming. Additional Bible study and faith formation opportunities will be announced on the parish website.

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