New kiosk offers inspirational DVDs, books and more

St. Catherine's will be offering materials from Lighthouse Catholic Media -- a "practical and effective program to help Catholics know their faith."

Denise Botto, who is running the program for the parish, said "We all live busy, busy lives. Finding the time to learn about our faith can be difficult." She said the presence of the Lighthouse Media kiosk provides many options to meet parishioners' needs whether it's a CD to listen to on the way to work, a DVD to watch or a book to read. "These items will help deepen your understanding and love for the Catholic faith," said Botto.

Starting the weekend of Feb 20-21 a kiosk will be placed in the narthex of the St. Catherine's Parish Center, offering a variety of CDs, DVDs, books and booklets. These feature some of the most well-known Catholic speakers and writers: Bishops, priests, deacons and eminent Catholic laymen and women. The material will be available after Mass, while they last. When the initial supply is exhausted, a new set with different titles and speakers will be ordered.

More information is available in a PDF flyer.

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