Memorial Weekend Mass honors veterans

On Sunday, May 24th, St. Catherine's Veteran Military Apostolate joined in a special Mass to commemorate our Fallen, as well as honoring those who have served our nation. Flags from each branch of the military were carried by Veterans who served in that branch to honor and remember their selfless service to preserve our nation's freedoms. Fr. Chester also gave a special Veterans' Blessing to those who served.

The Apostolate and parish also participated in an outreach project for a collection of items needed for sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, dispatched off the Gulf of Aden on the Yemen coast. The donated items are being packed to make their long journey to the men and women serving there.

Check back here and in the parish bulletin for more information on an upcoming "Big Brother/Big Sister" mentorship program to provide fellowship and support to veterans as they transition back to civilian life, sponsored by Veteran Haven North "The Rally Point," a Transitional Housing Program for homeless veterans in Glen Gardner, N.J.

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