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September 6, 2015

Catechetical Sunday

This piece was taken from our bulletin publishing company, Liturgical Publications.

The third Sunday of September is referred to as Catechetical Sunday. What is the meaning of that term?

Catechetical Sunday highlights and celebrates the catechetical ministry of the people of God, namely to hand on the values and traditions of our Catholic faith. This Sunday is given a particular theme each year, focusing on a key aspect of catechesis.

Catechesis comes from a Greek work meaning "to echo." It challenges all of us to develop a Catholic identity modeled on Jesus. We learn this from those who handed down that faith to us. We echo that back by the living example of our lives. Catechesis is handing down that tradition to others, hoping they can echo that back in their own lives. The presumption is that we do have something to hand on; this calls each of us to grow in faith and knowledge, and to share that with others.

Whether or not we literally teach, all of us are teaches in the way we live. What are we echoing? St. Francis is attributed with the following statement, which speaks to the heart of Catechetical Sunday: "Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words."

Most parishes use this occasion to commission all those who catechize in the parish. Each of us is called to renew our own commitment to grow in faith and knowledge, taking seriously our mission together as the pilgrim people of God. (Liturgical Publications, Inc.)

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